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XMG Unveils ‘Dragonwood Academy: A Game of Stones’: Putting a Casual Spin on Card Collecting Games

Available on Google Play, Apple’s App Store and Amazon’s App Store starting today, Dragonwood Academy entices players with elegant simplicity, captivating art, accessible depth and fierce fun.

Toronto, Ontario – May 21st, 2014 – Launched by award-winning mobile game developer XMG Studio Inc. Dragonwood Academy melds the casual arcade style with the fun of a collectible card game, giving players the best of both worlds.

As a wizard student at Dragonwood Academy – The Wizard School for Gifted Youths, players strive to rule the school in this whimsical game of stones. Thanks to the intuitive gameplay and accessible amount of depth, both newbies and experienced pros to card collecting and battling will be able to jump right in: unleash torrents of entrapped magical creatures on schoolyard rivals, cast powerful spells and compete for eternal bragging rights on the ever-changing battlefield. Check out the launch trailer here: and download the game to your iOS device – starting 11pm (EDT) May 21st – here: and Android powered devices here: or here:

Dragonwood Academy successfully bridges the gap between the collection gameplay mechanics of traditional card collection games and the game-loops of very successful casual arcade games,” says Andy Smith, Senior Producer at XMG. “Essentially boiling down the card battle experience to it’s most basic and enjoyable form. Get ready for some addictive card collecting fun – no spreadsheets required!”


  • CASUAL STONE-BATTLING FRENZY: In minutes the intuitive gameplay will have players battling stones, commanding creatures of myth and wielding skills from lightning to fireballs and archery to sorcery.
  • HUNDREDS OF UNIQUE STONES TO WIN: Expandable deck with over 400 stunning stones to collect and battle. Cards can be obtained through gameplay or the purchase of a Stone Sack. Stones can be strengthened through combat and with the evolutionary progression players will experience striking, dark character and monster art.
  • ENCHANTED TREASURE CHESTS: After each campaign the player discovers fabulous trinkets to trade for battle stones and create a near endless variety of teams to devastate opponents.
  • WONDERFUL WIZARD WARDROBES: Players can fully customize their wizard avatar with outfits ranging from snazzy to battle-ready.
  • LEADERBOARD RANK BATTLE: Only one player can hold the prestige of the most powerful deck, only one can conjure the most powerful immortals and only one can win the epic rank battle and climb to the top of the leaderboards.

Time to drop your wand and pick up your battle stones! Please find more information, visuals and other downloadables here:

About XMG Studio Inc

XMG Studio Inc. is an award-winning developer and publisher of mobile games. Founded in late 2009, XMG has developed a track record for innovation excellence in mobile gaming including the release of critically acclaimed games downloadable on your iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. Based in Toronto, XMG is one of the largest indie mobile game studios in Canada. Named as one of the top global mobile games developers to watch by popular media, XMG is focused on providing creative expression through gameplay for all fans of fun.

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