Pledge Your Allegiance in Style: Freedom Collection Now Available in Fashion Star Designer and Fashion Star Boutique

Patriotic fashion as a trend comes in and out of style virtually every decade, but it’s always at a stylish high-point around the 4th of July – the epitome of summertime – when all over the world fans of the Americana way of life pledge allegiance to red, white, and blue. And what better way to celebrate the liberty, equality, and individual rights we have than by dressing in patriotic spirit?

You don’t need to wear a flag shirt to celebrate this holiday either. Instead, take a more fashionable approach and put together some clever outfits of your own. But mixing red, white, and blue in a way that channels Amaricana-chic — and not just awkwardly blends in a flag — can be easier said than done.

To inspire your creativity and design your own perfect look for the 4th of July, we’re kicking off summer with the ‘Freedom Collection’ in Fashion Star Designer (FSD) and Fashion Star Boutique (FSB). Now, while you were planning your beachday getaway, backyard barbecue, or fancy fireworks-watching expedition, you can put your Independence Day outfit idea to the test in FSD and FSB with stylish patriotic fashion cuts and patterns infused with an extra dose of reds, whites, and blues.

Whether you’re looking to kick-back and relax in the sun or huddle around a fire at the beach watching fireworks, the ‘Freedom Collection’ has you covered with a happy pineapple pattern, the perfect summer maxi dress, trendy shortalls and more. You can find the collection in FSB’s market and in the clothing menu in FSD.

FSD_Freedom Collection_Overview

Download Fashion Star Designer to your iOS or Android device using the links available here, and download Fashion Star Boutique using the links listed here.