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It’s Judgement Hay: Cows vs Aliens: Barnyard Blitz Mooooves Onto the App Store

XMG Studio Inc. launches the epic sequel to its award winning signature game Cows vs Aliens and this time, the world’s at STEAK

Toronto, Ontario – December 12th, 2012 – Crowned the “Most Innovative Game” by the ‘Best App Ever’ awards 2012 for the Android Division, the blockbuster hit Cows vs. Aliens by XMG Studio Inc. finally get’s a sequel: Cows vs Aliens: Barnyard Blitz! The action-packed, fan-favorite with 3+ million downloads, impresses with a striking new art style, UI, and player progression flow, while sticking to the addictive push mechanic to save the cows from the aliens. The players’ fingers manipulate the cows and aliens the opposite of how a magnet would, and – if done right ­– herd cute cows in the barn and push annoying aliens off the cliffs. For now, fans can use up to four fingers on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, with an Android launch to follow suit soon. While the premise stays the same, the game itself is completely fresh, mostly thanks to a complete re-vamp of the entire player progression flow: the new cow herdsmen only have 60 seconds to steer the cows to safety, fill up the combo meter to activate boosts and get the high score in the weekly tournaments to win prizes! Visit to watch the Cows vs Aliens: Barnyard Blitz launch trailer and click here to download the game.

“Once we had decided to stick with the game controls and main characters, we spent our time perfecting the addictive push mechanic and re-imagining the game flow,” says Ray Sharma, Founder and President of XMG Studio Inc. “The result is amazing: the controls in Cows vs Aliens: Barnyrad Blitz just feel really good, and there’s something very fun about pushing around a herd of cows — our heifers will have you hooked in minutes!”

Cows vs. Aliens: Barnyard Blitz is a great pick-up and play game that appeals to both the casual and serious gamer. While the process of playing is easy at first, those going for higher scores will find it challenging and addictive as the herding continues. The heavy leader-board focus, where players compete for weekly prizes, gives a stage to all gamers that long to show-off their mad cow-farming skills. To stay competitive, players will soon learn to strategically place and use their 9 collectable multilevel super combo boosts to maximize their high scores and show their friends who is top cow.

The prequel to Cows vs Aliens: Barnyard Blitz was created over a weekend Hackathon by a team of XMG staffers. The concept was developed within 48 hours and after a month of polishing, the cows and aliens were let loose on the App Store. The aim of Cows vs. Aliens is to save herds of cows from invading aliens by pushing the cows safely into the barn and keeping the aliens out. Once launched in the App Store February 2011, Cows vs. Aliens was quickly picked up and featured by Apple in the iTunes home page and critically acclaimed. In August 2011, the addictive herding game was launched in the Android Market and has been downloaded more than 3+ million times on iOS and Android since.

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