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Football Was Never so Fashionable: FREE ‘World Soccer Collection’ Available in Fashion Star Designer and Fashion Star Boutique

We at XMG are p-r-e-t-t-y excited about the world cup. How could we not be?! After all, this global soccer (or football?) extravaganza only happens once every four years. That’s less often than the Olympics, guys. But it’s not just us who are excited about the Cup, being held in Brazil this year – the entire fashion world has fallen in love with the beautiful game!

Next to the usual suspects like Nike and Adidas, new players have joined the game including high-end label Versace. The Milan-based designer created a special soccer-inspired T-shirt, reflecting the vivid iconography of the Brazilian carnival., a popular Italian mail order retailer, also launched a T-shirt collection based on collaborations with the 10 most soccer crazy nations across the globe.

To celebrate Brazils’ FiFa World cup in style, we joined the group of football & fashion fanatics and added a FREE ‘World Soccer Collection’ to Fashion Star Designer and Fashion Star Boutique. The two decorations, three fashion cuts and three patterns can be found in the ‘Market’ in Fashion Star Boutique and in the ‘Pickers’ in Fashion Star Designer.

World Soccer Collection.

If you’ve contracted the football fever like we have, there are now endless ways to get your fashion kicks in our Fashion Star properties and ensure there are no red cards in the style stakes.

Download Fashion Star Designer to your iOS or Android device using the links available here, and download Fashion Star Boutique using the links listed here.