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‘Drag Racer World’ Will Get Your Heart Racing – A Must Have For All Car Enthusiasts

Get ready to rip up the road: Drag Racer World, the highly anticipated sequel to XMG’s incredibly popular Drag Racer franchise hits the App Store.

Toronto, Ontario – June 1st, 2012 – Developed by the makers of the hit mobile gameDrag Racer: Pro Tuner, the original franchise that created the drag racing genre, Drag Racer World is the next generation in mobile gaming. The revamped side-scrolling racing game will allow players to create racer profiles in XMG’s proprietary cloud system and become part of the global Drag Racer World Community. The profile ensures safe storage of all gaming data in the XMG cloud and will enable multiplatform play on iOS and Android later this summer. The global community allows racing fans worldwide to connect and challenge each other to some serious, competitive racing. The option to connect to Facebook, as well as traditional leaderboards, makes it easy to find more challenges and make new friends. Earn credits by winning races to spend on customizing your ride as well as upgrading and purchasing faster cars. Drag Racer Worldlaunched in Apple’s App Store today, June 1st 2012.

“We are confident this bold sequel will be another first place finish for XMG and the Drag Racer franchise.” says Adam Telfer, XMG’s VP of Game Development and the inspiration behind the original Drag Racer. “The cars are hot, the racing is intense and we further upped the ante with improved graphics that look visually stunning.”

Drag Racer World is the 4th entry in the Drag Racer series.  Created at the age of 14, Telfer started developing the franchise with a version of Drag Racer in 2001. “I started developing the first flash version of Drag Racer as an eighth grader on my school breaks when I wasn’t busy running the math club.“ says Telfer. “I just wanted to make a game for me, that I liked – I had no idea it would quickly skyrocket in popularity and birth a whole new gaming genre!” The flash, 2D racing game won various awards and is currently at 50 million users, making it one of the top 10 flash games of all time according to the flash games and animation website

In 2009, Adam started working on porting Drag Racer to the App Store and after only 4 months of coding, he launched it as Drag Racer: Perfect Run. “I made a point to stay as close to the original flash game as possible while improving the graphics and implementing a simpler UI”, Adam remembers. In late 2009, XMG released a new generation of the franchise called Drag Racer: Pro Tuner which went on to dominate the drag racing category in the App Store. “When we left EA’s Need for Speed in our dust at the 2010 Best App Ever Awards in the racing category – we knew we had created something special, that really spoke to car enthusiasts around the globe.” says Telfer.

The series has since hit over 2 million downloads resulting in hundreds of millions of races and the average player starts the game an impressive 20+ times per week. Drag Racer World will accelerate this lasting, enjoyable experience by enabling fans to engage and push each other to new heights in the global Drag Racer World online community.

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