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XMG Studio is Issued Patent for Mobile Device Based Interactive Multiplayer Augmented Reality Gaming

XMG Studio announced today first details surrounding its intellectual property (IP) strategy. The issued 8,251,819 patent mentioned above represents the first of several innovations that XMG has created within the mobile games industry. “XMG has been building innovative IP assets since the company’s creation in late 2009 as we recognize that the present generation ofRead more

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Little Metal Ball Reaches 1 Million Downloads

XMG recently passed the 1-million download mark on their infamous application – Little Metal Ball. Little Metal Ball is a a tilt-control puzzle game that challenges the user as well as provides very unique gameplay elements that set itself apart from the competition.  

Announcements Announcements

XMG Lites up the App Store

XMG Studio is ‘litening’ up the app store with the simultaneous release of lite versions for 6 of their most popular games. Included are gaming hits Little Metal Ball, with over 1,000,000 downloads, and Marine Sharpshooter, which boasts over 2,500,000 downloads. Style Studio: Fashion Designer was recently selected by Apple to feature in both “NewRead more