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The Angry Billionaires Mobile Game Launches: XMG Redefines Multiplayer

XMG Studio Inc. introduces mobile gaming to the ‘real-world realm of social’ by pairing classic board game fun with the addictive tearing pace of mobile mini-games

Toronto, Ontario – December 5th, 2012 – Charge up your batteries: Award winning mobile games developer XMG Studio Inc. launches the best freemium board game you can get on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: The Angry Billionaires. Up to 8 billionaires can compete in a play-and-pass fashion as they race across the board through a plethora of old-timey micro games. In this fast finger frenzy — that combines the best of a classic board game with the addictive break-neck pace of mobile micro-games — players can take advantage of their real-life friendships in meaningful ways as an occasion for mutual enthusiasm and interest. Check out the trailer here: and download the game here:

“At XMG we have enjoyed all different types of multiplayer gaming,” says Ray Sharma, Founder and President of XMG Studio Inc., “with the release of The Angry Billionaires, we set out to make a subtle innovation to socializing ‘social gaming’ and help regain its place as a powerful collective pastime experience for the players AND their friends. Play the game then pass it on until you can figure out what makes this silver screen cast of billionaires so angry.”

Players compete as one of eight Angry Billionaires with too much time and too much money. With nothing else to worry about, the Angry Billionaires are poised to settle one last dispute amongst each other: Who is the best in the simplest of mini games? In the good old-fashioned back-and-forth nature of pass-and-play competition, the billionaires battle each other through the more than 100 heart pounding, thumb mashing, and mustache curling micro-games. With more games than any 1%-er could shake their diamond topped cane at, each play is a new experience – as addictive as it is fun!

Please find more information, visuals and other downloadables here:

About XMG Studio Inc

XMG Studio Inc. is an award-winning developer and publisher of mobile games. Founded in late 2009, XMG has developed a track record for innovation excellence in mobile gaming including the release of critically acclaimed games downloadable on your iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. Based in Toronto, XMG is one of the largest indie mobile game studios in Canada. Named as one of the top global mobile games developers to watch by popular media, XMG is focused on providing creative expression through gameplay for all fans of fun.