Drag Racer World

XMG is taking Drag Racing to the next level: customize, connect, challenge and RACE your dragsters in the original customization/racing game in the APP store.

Developed by the makers of Drag Racer: Pro Tuner, the original franchise that created the drag racing genre in mobile gaming, Drag Racer World is the evolution of racing. The revamped side-scrolling racing game, will allow racers to create cloud-based profiles and become part of a global Drag Racing Community. The profile ensures safe storage of all gaming data in the XMG cloud and will enable multiplatform play on iOS and Android later this summer. The global community allows racing fans worldwide to connect and challenge each other to a race. The option to connect to Facebook, as well as traditional leaderboard integration, makes it easy to find more challenges and make new friends. Earn credits by winning races to spend on customizing your ride, upgrading and a greater choice of cars.


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