Dragonwood Academy: A Game of Stones

Available on Google Play, Apple’s App Store and Amazon’s App Store starting May 21st 2014, 11pm (EDT), Dragonwood Academy entices players with elegant simplicity, captivating art, accessible depth and fierce fun.

Launched by award-winning mobile game developer XMG Studio Inc. Dragonwood Academy melds the casual arcade style with the fun of a collectible card game, giving players the best of both worlds. As a wizard student at Dragonwood Academy – The Wizard School for Gifted Youths, players strive to rule the school in this whimsical game of stones. Thanks to the intuitive gameplay and accessible amount of depth, both newbies and experienced pros to card collecting and battling will be able to jump right in: unleash torrents of entrapped magical creatures on schoolyard rivals, cast powerful spells and compete for eternal bragging rights on the ever-changing battlefield.




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