XMG Studio is Issued Patent for Mobile Device Based Interactive Multiplayer Augmented Reality Gaming

XMG Studio announced today first details surrounding its intellectual property (IP) strategy. The issued 8,251,819 patent mentioned above represents the first of several innovations that XMG has created within the mobile games industry.

“XMG has been building innovative IP assets since the company's creation in late 2009 as we recognize that the present generation of smartphones are effectively mobile game consoles,” said Jeff Brunet, technology veteran and member of XMG’s Board of Directors. “The unique characteristics of the mobile device represent a potential greenfield of IP activity. Additional patent developments are underway and we expect the results to be a formidable portfolio of IP for the company.”

The US Patent Office has issued to XMG Studio a patent that covers both the augmented realty (AR) and multiplayer gaming trends sweeping through the mobile industry. The patent for invention number 8,251,819 enables mobile device based interactive AR multiplayer gaming through the use of gaming conventions while reducing sensor error. The new patent reinforces the value of XMG Studio's talent and strengthens its industry lead in mobile device gameplay.

Creating fast-paced, multiplayer AR games while mobile is technically challenging and is an area of potentially game-changing innovation. One challenge of running interactive multiplayer AR games on mobile devices is the ability to keep track of where each of the players is located in the gaming environment as well as their device position relative to the interactive environment. This is because each mobile device is independently running the game without being able to view the surrounding real world environment of the unique players, while still keeping track of players and game specific entities in real space and real time. This is in addition to any possible visual effects resulting from actions taken by the player or game entities, which must be coordinated such that the virtual world appears to coincide with the real world.

Further, these challenges are exacerbated by the mobile device sensors, which can become increasingly inaccurate as they are used. The issued patent assails the challenges and tracks player activity and game action in a mobile device based interactive multiplayer game environment from within the mobile device itself, while reducing the sensor errors that typically occur.

“As the inventor of the only technique that enables uninterrupted, device-based AR multiplayer gaming, the issuance of this patent reinforces the value of XMG Studio as a means to take AR gameplay to the next level,” said Ray Sharma, Founder and President of XMG Studio Inc. “As game developers realize the potential of multiplayer AR gaming, and grapple with it’s challenges specifically in error reduction, only XMG’s patented AR multiplayer technology will ensure continuous, high-quality gameplay. It's also appropriate that our first (announced) patent correlates to our first game as a studio, Pandemica : AR Shooter, winner of the 2009 Augmented Reality Application of the Year."

This patent further enhances XMG's Intellectual Property portfolio. The Studio now has 1 patent issued and 15 plus patents applications in various stages of examination, covering a broad range of gaming technologies including AR, body part detection, enhancing gaming experience by location, amongst other exciting and ground breaking ideas.